I personally would NOT mix oils when diffusing. I do not even make my “own blends” unless they are a “tried and true” recipe – and then only rarely. When we mix essential oils, they interact chemically with one another, creating a NEW SUBSTANCE BEFORE they reach our boOne of 3 things can happen:

They can interact in a way that creates something powerful,
something that has NO therapeutic value,
OR something that is potentially TOXIC.

I am NOT willing to take that risk with my own health and the health of others around me.

If I want a blend, I use one that is made by Young Living because every YL blend is tested in the laboratory for the compounds that are in the blend. WE KNOW EXACTLY WHAT WE ARE GETTING!

Besides, hundreds of thousands of people have safely and effectively used the Young Living blends, so WHY would we want to create our own?

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