Did YOU know that our brain is wired differently for the five senses?  We see, hear, taste, and touch based upon connections to the FRONTAL LOBE of the brain (the “thinking” or rational part).  However, the sense of smell is connected to the LIMBIC SYSTEM – the EMOTIONAL center.

How does the Limbic System work?

It records ALL experiences of the body and stores them.  Even though we may forget unpleasant experiences on a conscious level, our Limbic System doe not forget them.

When we INHALE an essential oil or place it on the roof of the mouth – directly under the cerebrum – the molecules can trigger an instantaneous emotional response in the body.  Because pure, premium essential oils are balancing to the body, this can create quite an amazing shift.  However, when there is change, it is often not “comfortable”.  We do not necessarily “enjoy” facing emotionally charged issues.  Again, using the oils can support the body in coming to BALANCE on all levels.  When balance is achieved, illness and disease dissipate, and a more joyful life experience is the result.

Are you willing to step out of the comfort zone and have the potential of greater joy in every aspect of your life?

Try the following . . .

  • SACRED MOUNTAIN:  1-2 drops over the heart, on Crown Chakra, bottoms of feet, and inhaled by cupping hands over nose and breathing deeply 6-8 rtimes
  • FEELINGS COLLECTION blends:  Layer 1-2 drops of each blend anywhere on the body, or follow the instructions in the cd that comes in the set.  I personally love to apply them all over my heart and then cup my hands over my nose, inhaling deeply 6-8 times with each blend
  • BELIEVE:  Apply 1-2 drops anywhere on the body and inhale.  INTEND to truly BELIEVE in your innate knowledge and abilities.  Each of us was created with a unique combination of special talents to complete an important purpose.  INTEND to understand YOUR purpose . . .

Many wishes of Perfect Harmony & Balance,

21 July 2013