Kinesiology is a method of accessing one’s body-level knowing. Muscle strength (or weakness) is utilized to determine a positive or negative response to a question. The answers received are only as good as the questions! If a question is complex or ambiguous, then the answer may be compromised. Therefore, it is quite important to learn how to phrase your questions. This is a skill that improves with practice.

There are many ways of using kinesiology to assist you in accessing your knowledge. Chiropractors often use the strength of the muscles of the arm when checking the spine for subluxations (misalignments). Naturopaths also often employ this method.

The manner that I have personally found the easiest to for individuals to learn involves the following:

INTEND that you be connected with the The Source, above and below.

INTEND that all interference which could affect your testing be removed.

Connect the tips of the thumb and middle finger of one hand, forming a circle.

Connect the tips of the thumb and middle finger of the other hand, forming a circle.

Interlock these two circles.

Ask: Show me my “yes”.

Give a tug as if trying to pull your fingers apart. NOTE: This is a short tug – not continuous pressure. The fingers should �hold together and be strong.

Ask: Show me my “no”.

Give a short tug as before. The fingers should easily pull apart.

Begin with simple questions, and ALWAYS test periodically with “Show me my yes” and “Show me my no”.

I also find it quite helpful to ask questions in different ways. For instance, when I receive an answer, I often ask, “Is there any reason why I should doubt this answer?” In addition, the questions must be simple, and exact – with no pronouns and no complex sentences! For instance: If you ask “should I get a new car?” your answer could be “yes”, but if you ask “should I get a new car now?”, the answer could be no! The first question was ambiguous because there was no time constraint.

I have also worked with those whose questions involved pronouns, and the answers were usually quite skewed.

Overall, I find it best to write down the questions on a piece of paper. Look at the question, and re-phrase it if necessary. Then, while looking at the question, use your kinesiology. �Some people become quite proficient quickly. Most require a lot of practice. However, when you are able to access your own information in this manner, you will cease giving your power away by relying on others for your answers.

This is a tremendous asset in your daily journey of evolution.

Frances Fuller

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