A: If it were me, I would start with NINGXIA RED and SACRED FRANKINCENSE applied anywhere on the body. Slique Shake is a great supplement that can be used as a meal replacement or in between as a snack. It is VEGAN and perfectly fine for everyone. I travel with packets of Slique Shake and drink it every single morning for breakfast. I mix it with water, but it is far tastier with Almond milk or Sunflower milk (you can make these yourself in your blender from organic almonds or sunflowers). I also add a little COCONUT OIL for flavor and health reasons. (Sometimes I also add a drop of CINNAMON oil – be sure not to add more than ONE drop!!!)

I would also use the CEDARWOOD over the BRAINSTEM and have him inhale it by cupping hands over nose. I would wait a week before introducing more oils, and then layer the oils of RAINDROP TECHNIQUE on the bottoms of your father’s feet. Wait 5-7 before layering the oils again. After that, they can be layered as often as you choose. However, since your father has had so much surgery – and likely is on many medications – it could cause rapid detoxification to introduce too many oils too rapidly.

The big thing is that it is important to introduce things slowly if there is a detox and to start with things that are more cooling to the body rather than those things that could bring about more rapid detoxification.  John Wong CW teaches the Young Living essential oils along with TCM, and he cautions that if one is quite toxic, SACRED FRANKINCENSE (or FRANKINCENSE) as the perfect place to start as it is cooling for the body in alignment with TCM.  After 3 days, it is time to bring in another.

NOTE:  NINGXIA RED is a SUPERFOOD that supports every system of the body.  So many of us don’t realize just what an absolutely amazing product that is – and how ESSENTIAL it is for EVERYONE.