Today I am sharing a little about one of my favorite single oils, FRANKINCENSE.

I am often asked the difference between FRANKINCENSE and SACRED FRANKINCENSE. They have many properties in common, and each holds some compounds that are not found in the other. Certainly, in many situations either can be used.

My personal favorite would have to be Sacred Frankincense (boswellia sacra) as it is the single oil that I relied on most when I fractured my leg a few years ago.

I also turn to Sacred Frankincense when there are challenging situations or relationships as it anchors the frequency of the ACCEPTANCE glyph in Rainbow Healing Cards system.

This is a gentle yin energy that supports us in accepting ourselves and others as we are and allowing each of us our own journey. The color that I see within this glyph is shiny silver, and its very coolness softens the “heat” of any volatile issue. I love to apply this essential oil topically anywhere on the body and inhale its grounding and balancing aroma.

Frankincense has been utilized for many years in skin products as it seems to minimize wrinkles. Long ago, only the royals and the wealthiest of the Middle East had access to the precious boswellia sacra (Sacred Frankincense) which grows only in Oman and a part of Yemen.

Frankincense is an essential part of BELIEVE blend which many of you know is blend that I use frequently every single day.

Sacred Frankincense is also found in the blend, TRANSFORMATION, which is an incredibly powerful blend of CARDAMOM, CLARY SAGE, IDAHO BLUE SPRUCE, LEMON, OCOTEA, PALO SANTO, PEPPERMINT, SACRED FRANKINCENSE, and SANDALWOOD.

I like to apply Transformation blend over my crown and heart and inhale its remarkable multi-tiered aroma while making the INTENT to ALLOW the changes that are necessary for moving forward in my journey – for evolving. Sometimes, it is easy to fall into the pattern of “wishing for change” while not actually allowing the changes to take place. (How often do we avoid making the leap into the unknown even though we fully believe that result will be better with the change?)

Try sitting quietly and first applying either Frankincense or Sacred Frankincense over your heart and crown and breathe in the aroma, intending to ALLOW the changes to take place.

Next, apply TRANSFORMATION blend and breathe in its aroma for a few minutes, visualizing the tiny molecules moving throughout every portion of your physical body and energy being.

Finally, apply BELIEVE blend with the INTENT that you can gently be transformed into the magnificent being you were created to be – your Authentic Self.

To your gentle transformation,

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