I received this question . . .

“Can you explain the content of rosemary cineole 1,8 and the breakdown of individual oil percentage and the purpose why these oils are combine together use in thieves blend?” 

The formulas for the Young Living blends are patented, so the exact percentages of each oil cannot be discussed. In addition, there is a RANGE of percentages of each chemical component in each single oil to be approved by AFNOR and ISO, whoch is currently the highest international standard for essential oils. (ALL of the Young Living essential oils are approved.)

Individual components have the potential to create totally different responses in the body than the complete array of components. That is why it may be extremely misleading to look at the oils any way other than as the “complete array of molecules”. This is also true for combining essential oils into blends. The various components can interact before the oils reach the body and create a VERY different effect fro the individual single oils. (I do NOT make blends myself. I use Gary Young’s blends because I am confident that every single batch of oil distilled and every single blend if tested in the laboratory BEFORE the labels go onto the bottles. We KNOW exactly what the chemical profile of the oil is when we use Young Living blends.)

Would you prefer to leave things to chance, or do you like the idea of knowing that every single batch of oil – including ervery single blend – is tested in the laboratory before it is put into the bottles that we receive?