How much do your emotions have to do with your physical state?


We all like to think from time to time that we are “victims of circumstances beyond our control” – right??? After all, “we cannot be responsible for accidents and illness”!!! It must be the “fault” of someone else . . . (sigh . . . eyes turned up toward the ceiling . . . ) Worse yet, we fall victim to BELIEFS that have been embedded in us for a long, long time . . .

My friend, Sasha, sent me a piece that I wrote quite a while ago, and it really made me reflect . . .

You may choose to collect these oils – or a few that YOU are drawn to use as you read this.


Happy Sunday!!!

Another week of joy and happy surprises . . . As the self-limiting beliefs are shed, the resulting outcomes seem to get better and better. Most of you know that my major focus for almost a year has been upon rehabilitating my injured right leg.

It seemed that I had reached a plateau when I was finally able to begin walking without crutches. However, the strength was not returning – at least not at a rate I felt it should, given the amount of effort I had invested.

My level of belief was dwindling . . .

As I sat applying essential oils and selecting my Rainbow Healing Cards a few days ago, I suddenly awakened to the realization that I required more of the FIRE ELEMENT and especially the BREATH OF LIFE.

These energies are held by the Young Living essential oils of ORANGE, LEMON, TANGERINE, MANDARIN, and SANDALWOOD . . . and LIGHT THE FIRE blend. I began applying and diffusing the citrus oils several times a day and breathing deeply to get the molecules into my lungs and blood. (I reserved 1 drop of SANDALWOOD to place under my nose and on my wrists at bedtime so I could breathe in its delicious fragrance all night.)

After the first day, I could feel my excitement grow, and I also began inhaling LIGHT THE FIRE blend during the day.

Magically, my strength increased as I was doing the exercises in the therapy pool – and I became more excited about doing a few more repetitions of each exercise . . . and to stretch a “little bit more” . . . Then, I noticed that I was not limping as much . . . and decided to attempt to walk up 4 steps using one foot per step (like a “normal” person goes up stairs). THIS felt like a major accomplishment!!! The passion has grown, and I seem to be getting far stronger very quickly.

Isn’t it interesting that it was NOT essential oils that have been supportive of muscles and bones or relieving discomfort that brought about this “miracle”. It was essential oils that supported the change in my level of desire . . . my WILL to succeed . . . my passion . . .

How often do we give up when we are close to fulfilling upon a goal?

Do we lose our passion because we are afraid to fail?

Do we choose to remain in the secure boundaries of our self-limiting beliefs?

Is the fear of failure greater than the joy we believe we will receive if we somehow manage to succeed?

Try applying and inhaling the oils mentioned above – and add a few “Believe Showers” – and know that YOU can do anything that you choose to do.

What will YOUR choices be this week?
What worn-out beliefs will you eliminate to make room for the new adventures???

Have a passionate week of amazing successes!

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