I receive many questions each week, and occasionally I share portions of my responses. This is from a new member who asked how she can “convince others” that Young Living essential oils really work when she herself is very new and does not know all the facts.

I ask this:

Are we attempting to get others to believe that the oils and products work, or are we sharing information about something that WE believe may make a positive difference in the lives of others?

I am a person who learns best by experiencing something. Therefore, I love to sit with people and apply one or more essential oils, showing them how to drop 1-2 drops of oil from the bottle into the palm, rub the palms together, cup hands over nose, and inhale deeply several times. I also love to show them how to massage the head with fingertips and to rub hands across the back of the neck and shoulders. If we use several oils – for instance, LAVENDER, PEPPERMINT, and STRESS AWAY – they WILL feel a difference! If they were tired or achy or grumpy, they may be shocked to find that the feelings have shifted.

It is NOT necessary to give a lot of facts about the chemistry of the oils or complicated information. Most times, people just enjoy having fun “playing” with the oils and EXPERIENCING the effects for themselves. (Each of us may have very different experiences from the same oils.)

This may sound “too simple”. However, it is the way that I introduced essential oils all over Asia. Perhaps it will be helpful to YOU as you choose to share information with others.

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