Gray hair may be associated with a deficiency of POTASSIUM CHLORIDE according to information presented in my mineral therapy classes. Taking potassium supplements may not assist unless the ratio of the minerals is optimal and the potassium occurs in the appropriate compound as well.
Young Living’s SUPER CAL contains potassium chloride along with calcium and magnesium and other minerals for easier absorption by the body.
What is the source of the Calcium in Super Cal?
It is from CALCIUM CITRATE rather than from an animal source. However, it is combined with MAGNESIUM, POTASSIUM CHLORIDE, MANGANESE, BORON, ZINC CITRATE, and the essential oils of WINTERGREEN, MARJORAM, LEMONGRASS, and MYRTLE in complementary ratios to enhance absorption by the body.
• Calcium citrate is one of the most easily absorbed forms of calcium
• Magnesium works with calcium to build bones
• Potassium chloride is vital for improving bone density
• Boron increases calcium absorption
• Zinc citrate enhances calcium absorption and is critical for proper hormone activity and growth hormone production
Super Cal restores proper electrolyte and hormonal balance and improves muscle and bone development.
Above info from Essential Oils Desk Reference, 4th edition
Some have found that ROSEMARY essential oil can be effective in restoring hair color. Simply massaging a few drops into the scalp 2-3 times each day may produce results – but don’t expect any noticeable changes rapidly.
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