Mineral essence is an ionic solution of minerals, allowing for greater absorption. (Nutrients are effective only when they are absorbed by the body.) Unfortunately minerals do not taste that great to most of us. 😜Sooo, how to get them in???

Normally, when something does not appeal to my taste buds, I take it in concentrated form – as in papaya leaf juice – and then drink something that tastes good. However, i find that Mineral Essence is easier for me to consume when I dilute it in at least 250ml (1 cup) water.

Please give us YOUR favourite ways to get the benefits of this very important product. We look forward to your suggestions! Just be sure they don’t contain any of the “poisons” (sugar, caffeine, or dairy)!!! 🙄😱😨

Processed sugars strip our body of minerals – which we can not afford to spend. Due to mineral depleted soils, many of us are already highly mineral deficient so it’s important to avoid processed foods and sugars to help your immune system, organs and bones stay healthy and strong. MINERAL ESSENCE is an especially easily absorbable ionic mineral supplement that can make a huge difference.