(Ocotea quixos)—Extracted from an Ecuadorian tree, ocotea has the highest level of alpha humulene of any Young Living essential oil, which is a compound that helps aid the body’s natural response to irritation and injury.* Ocotea also has natural cleansing and purifying properties.
OCOTEA is one of the new essential oils from deep in the jungles of the Amazon in South America. The written material states that it is excellent for all types of digestive issues. Gary Young has stated that he has had amazing results using Ocotea with patients who have any kind of blood sugar imbalance.
OCOTEA can be used as a dietary supplement. It can be added to NINGXIA RED – the “shots” of NINGXIA RED + OCOTEA + PEPPERMINT.
OCOTEA can also be dropped under the tongue and allowed to absorb for a minute before swallowing. It has a cinnamon-like taste which is delicious. 2-4 drops 3-4 times each day is the amount that Gary Young mentioned.