Many people write to me concerning digestive symptoms. I understand completely as I was diagnosed at age 25 with IBS and put on all sorts of medications. The medications covered up the problems temporarily, but did not get to the root cause.

Years of medications – both prescription and over-the-counter – along with preservatives and food additives have created a waste dump in the body. Often, we do not notice for years that our digestion has been compromised along with our immune response. The antibiotics add to the problem as they eliminate the “good bacteria” in the colon (our main means of eliminating toxins from the body). Once this balance is disrupted, the candida has the opportunity to multiply rapidly. Candida is a fungus which is present in everyone – and important as it feeds on dead skin cells. It is harmless until it begins to overgrow. Once it is out of control, it creates its own toxins as well as disrupting the pH balance of the whole body . . . and the immune function is compromised dramatically.

This is the point when most of us “suddenly” realize that there is a challenge because we begin to have symptoms of poor digestion.

We have to cleanse . . . and cleanse . . . and cleanse . . . and re-fortify the body.

Here is what I have found helpful both personally and with many others:
• HIMALAYAN SALT FLUSH at least 3 consecutive days
• Young Living’s FIVE DAY CLEANSE
• LIFE 9 – probiotic supplement that combines 17 billion live cultures from 9 different beneficial bacteria strains
• DIGIZE essential oil blend
• Raw vegetables

Many have found that the Himalyan Salt Flush is a great way to prepare the body for other cleansing. More info here on my routine:

Young Living’s FIVE DAY CLEANSE is gentle and painless. It was actually the FIRST cleanse of ANY sort that I was ever able to successfully complete.

DiGize is the blend that I refer to as “that nasty DiGize” because I definitely never liked the smell. (Gary Young always teaches, “if you don’t like the smell of an oil, then you probably need it . . . and it you REALLY don’t like the smell of an oils, then you REALLY need it!” Ha ha I REALLY NEEDED DIGIZE!!!)

Because I don’t like the aroma, I either take Digize Vitality in capsules (begin with 3 drops in a capsule, and gradually increase to 7 drops 3 -4 times a day) or put it under the tongue. Many find that they like to apply DiGize neat (undiluted) on the abdomen. Some even also use a warm wet compress over the abdomen, waiting about 2 minutes after application of the blend.

Adding more RAW to the diet will enhance the action of the colon. I personally have found that a good blender is one of my “best friends”. I get tired of chewing all the salads, so grinding up the vegetables in the blender is a great option. All the fiber remains, and I can add other essential oils and/or fresh herbs to vary the taste without adding salad dressings which often are far from healthy.

NingXia Red contains the building blocks that your body requires to restore balance. It is so easy, and many have found that within 6 months, whatever health challenges they previously had have either totally disappeared or dramatically improved – along with their immune function and general level of vitality.

There are also other options, but I like to keep things simple and add other things only when/if they are necessary. Wellness is a state we all deserve – we need only to figure out how to get there!

Sharing experiences with essential oils is an effective way of learning to utilize these powerful gifts from Nature. With this knowledge we can take control of our personal health. However, we are required by law in the USA to state, “These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Products and techniques mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease”.

Disclaimer: Please remember that anything discussed here does not constitute medical advice and cannot substitute for appropriate medical care.