Many people believe that wintergreen essential oil is toxic because it is very high in salicylic acid (methyl salicylate), which is the primary compound in aspirin. Synthetic wintergreen can be toxic – just as ANY SYNTHETIC COMPOUND can be. However, when buffered by nature as in therapeutic-grade essential oil of wintergreen, there is absolutely no reported instance where any form of toxicity has occurred.
According to Dr. Stewart, the body does not recognize ANY synthetic substance, and it really does not know how to process it. Therefore, a synthetic substance can build up in the body. This is drugs must be carefully monitored. However, when working with therapeutic-grade essential oils, it is quite different as their chemistry is closely related to the chemistry of the body and quite compatible.
If you are using Young Living wintergreen essential oil – or any Young Living single oil or blend, I can assure you that you are assisting your body in coming to balance rather than risking any form of toxicity. I could not make that claim for any other brand of essential oil.