MISTER blend is specifically designed for men. However, menopausal women also find that it is extremely beneficial for them. It can relieve menopausal symptoms quite effectively for many women.
In general, Gary Young says that if an essential oil balances females, then it also balances males. The ONE exception is Progessence Plus Serum because it contains progesterone, balancing estrogen. It is not “forbidden” for males, but it could lessen sexual urge.
Can women use the blend, MISTER? The answer is YES!
Gary Young often says that if an oil is appropriate for women, then it is appropriate for women and if an oil balances hyper, then it also balances hypo.
This blend is especially helpful when used in conjunction with PROGESSENCE PLUS SERUM/PROGESSENCE PHYTO PLUS. (Please remember that Progessence is NOT for men, though, as it may decrease libido while increasing libido in women.)
Mister contains Fennel, Lavender, Myrtle, Peppermint, Sage, and Yarrow in a sesame oil base.
Apply topically on the ankles, the VitaFlex points for the reproductive organs.
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