In this video I share more oils you can use on “emotionally off days”. Please watch the video for more in depth info.

A quick summary – what I normally would do if I am not totally balance
Peppermint – energizer on down days
Valor – eliminate fear (over heart and throat) / give courage to speak your truth
Balsam Fir – The most balancing oil ever, for hormonal imbalance or emotions or whatever. Anchors frequency of the heart. Replace control with Trust.

Every human being who is breathing has a Choice. When you started listening to your heart, life became simpler and less stressful. There is no way I could have designed the life i have lived today, it had to unfold step by step but this required the choice to let go of the control and to Trust from my Heart what i was really feeling as opposed with what is controlled with my trained Mind.

Freedom Glyph (Rainbow Healing Cards) – releasing fears, beliefs, attachments. The things that are no longer serving you. We hold on to things for so long just because we have always done things in a particular way. They may have worked for us at one point. They may not be the best option but we hold on to it because it’s been the way we’ve done in the past. This is all about letting go and learning to do things in another way.

Fire (Rainbow Healing Cards) – all about CREATION and ACTION. It has the ability to destroy and also has the ability to transform and to create new things, to renew, to regenerate.

It’s not when we can let of the OLD THINGS that we can actually jump in to the fires of creation and move forward. Which oil can support these? Citrus oils – ORANGE, LEMON IGNITE THE FIRE AND CREATIVITY WITHIN. When our fire is ignited and we are moving forward with Joy and Passion and we are attracting those who are choosing to be passionate about their life.

“Present time” blend – find joy and passion and creativity in this present moment. Intend to remain in this moment, not the past or future but this moment.

“Joy” blend – when you’re feeling down. That’s what life is about, enjoying this present moment and reaching your highest potential in THIS MOMENT.

Highest Potential blend

Inspiration blend

End with BELIEVE blend – i believe that i can create anything that I choose to CREATE in my life.

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