Many thanks to Francesca for sharing her experience. So often we may “forget” about lavender trying to come up with a more exotic way to deal with a situation . . . but lavender is THE best choice in so many cases. It is one of the three oils I never leave home without! – Frances

Last summer I fell down in the street one night and really bruised my knee. The next morning I wobbled down the stairs and my houseguest, an avid hiker, took one look at me and grabbed the ice packs out of the fridge and, with a tea towel, tied one onto my knee and insisted I keep it on, despite my cries of pain from a weird burning sensation.’ It was only after having 3 such freeze packs tied on, that we realized that the freezer packs were the one’s you are not supposed to put directly onto the skin, hence the BURNING! Within hours, my knee blistered and I was no longer worried about the bruise, but now was petrified of having such a burn on my knee. As we discussed rushing to hospital, lest I have a huge scar on my knee and perhaps infection from this degree of a burn, I remembered my Young Living Lavender and recalled the story you had told me about your broken toe and that whenever in doubt use lavender, so I lathered my knee with lavender! Within 5 days, the burn was healing and the scar diminishing! I was astonished! I know, NEVER leave home without my lavender!
So thank you Frances for empowering me to heal myself and my children!
~ ~ ~