I LOVE layering oils rather than “mixing” them which may totally change the properties according to the ratio of each oil.

Layering the blends of the FEELINGS COLLECTION is often one of the most powerful experiences that one can have – but it would not be a “daily thing”.  However, Gary Young has often said that if we take the time to layer just ONE DROP of each of the blends – truly anywhere on the body and in any order – every day for one month, there will be a huge shift in our lives.

Have YOU tried this?

When I have injuries or compromised immune function, my “favorite oils to layer” are the oils of RAINDROP TECHNIQUE.  I use these on the bottoms of my feet or directly over an injury (if there is no open wound).

If there is a particularly stressful situation, I reach for STRESS AWAY and then BELIEVE…..

Obviously, my choices change according to the needs of the moment . . .

Many of you already know that my favourite oils to layer daily first thing in the morning and last thing at night are CEDARWOOD, SACRED FRANKINCENSE, and BELIEVE!  After applying each oil, I cup hands over nose and inhale deeply 6-8 times…… And the peace and grounding that I feel are incredible – it never fails…

As you “play” with your oils, you will discover YOUR favourites – and also may discover some “new” singles and blends that rapidly become your “favourites”…..

Many wishes of Joy and Perfect Balance,