Have YOU made friends with your body and learned to actually LISTEN to it?  

What loving thing have you done for your body today?

As I apply my essential oils while drinking a liter of water first thing every morning, I apply each one topically and INTEND that it go wherever it needs to go to support balance and enhance my level of wellness and vitality and to oxygenate every cell allowing each one to regenerate more easily . . . As I cup my hands over my nose and inhale each oil 6-8 times, I visualize the tiny molecules traveling throughout.  By the time I have applied a drop or two each of 3-5 oils (or even more oils), I am so happy and grateful for the way that I feel that everything seems to be perfect in my own little world.

If things should become a little unsettled, why not layer a few more oils???

One of the things I love about the oils is that you can repeat them as often as you like.  1-2 drops of several oils used OFTEN can be far more effective than a lot of drops used occasionally.  This is due to the fact that the oils absorb rapidly and begin working with the body within seconds.  The body takes whatever it needs AT THAT MOMENT, and it eliminates the remainder  as long as we drink plenty of water.

How simple is that?

If you find that your “favorite oils” don’t seem to be as effective as they once were, it could be that your body does not need those particular molecules as they have already done their jobs.  There is no “harm” in using them, but there may be other molecules that the body needs more.  Therefore, try some “new” singles and blends and observe the effects.  Your body may tell you that it wants more of these new ones – or that it really wants either the “old” ones or yet some others . . . LISTEN (or observe the results) . . . really pay attention to the messages that it gives you . . . and see how your vitality and life move to a new level . . .