There was a question about which pure essential oils and/or oil-enhanced supplements could assist in ridding the body of heavy metals. The following information is from Reference Guide for Essential Oils by Connie and Alan Higley.
Heavy metals in the system give off toxic gases and can create allergic symptoms and hormonal imbalances. For instance, cadmium can create hyperactivity and learning disabilities in children. Cigarette smoke and caffeine all contain cadmium. Ridding the body of heavy metals is extremely important for proper immune function. Cast iron cookware leaves heavy iron deposits in the body. Aluminium cookware leaves aluminum deposits in the body. Glass and stainless steel cookware is best.
• Clove
• Helichrysum
• Juva Cleanse
• Longevity capsules
• Thieves blend
• JuvaPower
• Blend of 10 drops CYPRESS + 10 drops JUNIPER + 10 drops LEMONGRASS + 30ml V6 VEGETABLE OIL COMPLEX can be massaged under arms, over kidneys, and on bottoms of feet4 drops THIEVES + 1-3 drops
• For dental mercury (amalgam fillings): 2-HELICHRYSUM on rolled gauze and placed between cheek and gum at night and left in place until morning. Throw away gauze. Begin with new gauze next night until all areas of mouth have been covered.