Happy Sunday!!! 

Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn’t.  – Erica Jong 

 Does this ever apply to you?   

I have certainly found myself doing it . . . and it can easily become a habit. Have you ever gone from person to person until you found someone who told you what you choose to hear?  

 This may be a difficult pattern to overcome and lead to our preferring to go outside ourselves and to cease trusting our own inner knowing. 

Each of us “knows” exactly what is perfect for us in every situation when we are fully connected with The Source/Creator.  Sometimes it may be that what is most appropriate for us is “logical” to others.  Sometimes it may be totally out of the realm of logic.  However, it could still be the perfect choice for YOU.   

 Some of the very best decisions that I ever made were “crazy” from a logical perspective.  However, when I followed that inner guidance, things that I never dreamed possible began to unfold.  (Moving to Asia was one of those decisions for sure!) 

 So . . . how do we learn to trust that “inner knowing” . . . that “gut feeling . . . that “intuition”?  I have found that utilizing INTENT, kinesiology, and of course essential oils has strengthened my confidence.  I feel that one’s INTENT is incredibly powerful, and I use that concept throughout Rainbow Healing System.  When we “ask” for something, it puts us in a receiving mode.  We are passively waiting for something to happen.  However, when we INTEND something, we are putting our energy, our will, and our passion behind making it happen – we are actively participating in creating the outcome.   

Some of the essential oils that I love to use in this process are . . .  

CEDARWOOD, GERANIUM, JASMINE, LEMON, ORANGE, SACRED FRANKINCENSE, CLARITY, VALOR, and HIGHEST POTENTIAL.  Certainly, there are many others, and you may find your favorites as you experiment by layering different combinations.  I love to apply them anywhere (my favorite place is over the heart) and breathe in the aroma of each.  Then INTEND to make that strong connection with The Source and to understand on some level the guidance that you will receive.  It may be a “feeling” or a flash of a memory – or you may feel “nothing” at the time.  I like to use my kinesiology and ask very simple questions that have no pronouns in them and which require a “yes” or “no” answer.  The more we exercise our skills, the better we get . . . so start out by asking really simple questions that will not “alter the course of your life”  . . . and have FUN discovering the power you have as you develop your ability to more clearly hear your guidance. 

Have a FUN week understanding more of YOUR gifts!