It may be important to understand that our skin, hair and nails are a reflection of our health.  In other words, we must work from the inside out.  If we eat chemical-laden processed foods filled with preservatives and sugar – or even worse, artificial sweeteners – our skin and hair will not be truly healthy.  Whether our primary purpose is to look younger or to avoid skin and hair challenges, the real answer is the same:  EAT HEALTHY FOODS – and AVOID UNHEALTHY FOODS . . . AND pay attention to what we put ON our bodies and what we use to clean our clothes and homes.

Everything that we do – whether positive or negative – has a cumulative effect.  Remember that idea of making small changes that will be compounded over time to make large changes?  This is just one more example of that principle.  It is one reason I am so happy that Young Living is focusing upon creating more PRODUCTS for us that are truly healthy.  I just love theTHIEVES DISH SOAP, THIEVES LAUNDRY SOAP, and THIEVES FRUIT AND VEGETABLE WASH!  Previously, I have used THIEVES HOUSEHOLD CLEANER for literally everything in my house.  It is wonderful, but now we have even more options . . . and of course the personal care products . . .  Recently, I was reminded by a Facebook post of the true dangers of commercial deodorants which contain many harmful chemicals.  Why would we choose to use these things right over major lymph glands, compromising the body’s ability to eliminate toxins and the entire immune function?  Could there be any connection between commercial deodorants the rapidly increasing number of cases of breast cancer among BOTH women and men?  Is it worth the risk?

I personally love to layer several essential oils and have found them to be more effective than the commercial deodorants I previously used – even in the heat of the tropics.  My favorites continue to be GERANIUM, YLANG YLANG, and SACRED MOUNTAIN, layered.  However, I also love to use ROSEMARY, particularly if I choose to boost my immune function.  Rosemary has been studied for many other positive effects on the body as well.  Men often love SHUTRAN for its spicy aroma as well as the feelings of confidence and strength.  You may choose to try several different oils and/or blends and select your favorite(s).

What does the lymphatic system actually do?

It transports toxins out of the body.

The circulatory system has the heart to assist in moving the blood throughout the body.  However, the lymphatic system has to rely upon support from us to move the lymph.

What are some of the ways we can support the lymphatic system?

  • BODY MOVEMENT is key as everything in the body works better when we are active.  It doesn’t have to be vigorous exercise in a gym.  A brisk walk can do wonders.
  • BREATHING is an excellent way to support the movement of lymph.
  • BODY BRUSHING (dry brushing) can increase circulation as well as eliminating dead dry skin cells on the surface of the skin.  Be sure to brush over the organs and lymph glands.

(See graphic for the optimal directions)


Getting back to the idea of healthy skin and hair . . .

Once again, I remind everyone that hyperacidity is a factor in just about every challenge the body faces. Therefore, minimizing STRESS and eliminating the “Three Poisons” is important.

Additionally, one can think about cleaning out the inside of the body – as in colon cleanse – and about the possibility of sulfur deficiency.

Certainly, focus upon all the above will generate the most rapid results, but ANY positive change that we make can make a difference.