For stiff neck, my favourite three oils are:

Often stress is a major contributing factor to neck/upper stiffness. Stress Away roll-on can be applied over the heart and on the wrists as often as desired, and inhaled deeply. It contains single oils of cedarwood, lime, vanilla, copaiba, ocotea.

Contains helichrysum, wintergreen, clove, and peppermint. It is especially helpful in the relief of bone-related ailments.

A multi-purpose oil and is useful for almost everything. It contains balsam fir, clove, copaiba, helichrysum, lemon, palo santo, wintergreen.

The oils can be used as often as needed.

NOTE: If one takes a few deep breaths, inhaling each oil after application, it can be quite helpful in relaxing the muscles and releasing tension.

Frances Fuller

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