Happy Sunday!

On the flight from Singapore, I read a quote that really caught my attention. The co-founder of an internet company was asked the most important business lesson he has learned. His answer is one with which many of us may readily identify:

“Everything starts with trust. When it comes to creating commitment and accountability within your organization, trust is key. Trust in your product, in yourself, and in each other. And that begins with sharing what you believe in, what scares you, and what excites you. This also makes you vulnerable, but that’s okay because vulnerability is a beautiful thing.”

I truly identify with everything this young man said.


That really is what all relationships are about, isn’t it?

And remember that trust is a two-way thing.

Being what you choose to see.

Share and be willing to be vulnerable

What does it prove to be the “perfect example”, up on a pedestal with absolutely no flaws? We all have areas of strengths, and we all have areas of “challenge”. That is what makes us “real”.

2016 was a year I would not choose to repeat as it began with Dengue fever and then my “flying incident” and being confined to bed for months on end. That was the year I had planned to really get back to holding more classes and get into using the tools that are provided by the Internet – webinars, videos, Zoom calls . . . and “Facebook Live”.

All of those things scare me unbelievably! I watch others doing this and seemingly having so much fun that they do FB Live for just about anything they are doing. I get absolutely nauseated at the thought of attempting to read written questions while talking about something totally different – all in front of the camera!

(Deep breath, Frances . . . )

It will happen. It HAS begun happening!!!

You can now catch me on Fb live Sundays at 3pm (Singapore time), and the videos will remain on my fb public page (@francesfulleryl). There will also be some webinars and zoom calls coming . . . (Breathe again, Frances!)

When you see me on FB live, know that it is a “big thing” – that I have overcome a huge obstacle. Also know that if I can do it, then YOU can overcome your fears as well.

You might consider applying a few drops of VALOR and BELIEVE . . .

and breathe . . .

Have a happy week that embraces trust and vulnerability,

PS: I will be in Singapore for a week sharing what I just learned at the Convention and facilitating a class at Young Living Singapore

“Transformational Leadership”


Please join me for a time of sharing and relationship building!

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