• Is the person dehydrated?
• Is there an internal issue that needs to be addressed?
• Is the sleep interrupted?
• Is the person actually sleeping long enough?
• Is the person depressed?

Depending upon the answers above, the solution could be quite different. However generally the following will be helpful:

NINGXIA RED supports all systems of the body and offers a balanced array of amino acids and minerals to give you lots of extra energy. I NEVER want to have a day without my NingXia Red!!!

HYDRATING THE BODY and CLEANSING could be a key to overcoming fatigue. The goal is to drink one litre (1 quart) water with 5 drops LEMON essential oil first thing every morning and then another litre throughout the day.

If you are not already a “water drinker”, then this is a daunting thing to think about. However, you can begin by drinking ONE glass of water with 5 drops LEMON essential oil first thing in the morning. When you can comfortably drink one glass, then try for two . . . and then three . . . and finally “graduate” to the one-litre bottle with 5 drops LEMON essential oil.

DEEP BREATHING can be incredibly beneficial. Whenever I feel “tired”, I stop for a few moments, and take several deep breaths, making sure to exhale fully. I even set several alarms on my phone to remind me to BREATHE. Much of our fatigue is actually caused by a buildup of carbon dioxide in the body due to incomplete exhalation. (If you need assistance with breathing techniques, you might consider attending a yoga or meditation class)

ESSENTIAL OILS oxygenate the cells of the body and give you more energy! Enjoy this benefit while also taking advantage of the other effects that various pure, premium essential oils have on the human body.

– Increasing immune function
– Relaxing the mind
– Enhancing spiritual connection
– Elevating the spirit

Try using one or two of these blends:
or just the single oil of CEDARWOOD

Applying the oil over your heart, around your ears, and cupping your hands over your nose, inhaling deeply several times. What a difference…