Happy Sunday!!! Do you love new beginnings as much as I do? It always feels so good to have a clean fresh start – a point at which all the options are available.

The first few actions will determine the course for the next period, and those actions can be whatever we choose . . .

What are YOU choosing to have in your life?

What are you doing to bring about those things? What is holding you back? Most of us find that FEARS prevent us from attempting new things. The self-talk may go something like this: Suppose I fail? Suppose others think what I am doing is silly? Suppose I don’t know enough to do this? Suppose I find out that it is not what I thought it would be? And on and on . . . Are your beliefs supportive or are they sabotaging you? Are there worn-out BELIEFS at the core of the fears? Is it time to let go of the self-limiting beliefs? So how can we do this?

The main components of CREATION are

The Rainbow Healing Glyph that I selected for today is FREEDOM.

Lemon essential oil holds this frequency along with the crystal of citrine. Lemon is also an extremely detoxifying essential oil capable of freeing the physical body of whatever is no longer serving it.

As you focus upon the pale-yellow color and the uplifting aroma of the essential oil, INTEND to let go of whatever is holding you back. Experience the freedom from all the things that have been like a giant anchor preventing you from moving forward. Feel the energy lifting you up and allowing you to soar higher than ever before. Commit, take action, release the fears, and ALLOW the process to UNFOLD. With the energy of this powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse supporting you in moving forward, there is no limit to what you can manifest.

Have a beautiful week of creation,

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