Story of my leg injury and what I did . . .

Many have asked about my leg injury, so finally I am writing about it. I literally stepped off a 2.5 meter wall and landed feet first on uncultivated rocky land – like cement. Incredibly, there was not a single wound on the outside of my body. There were multiple broken bones in the foot and leg, badly sprained ankle, and the knee was dislocated, tearing tendons and ligaments. In a young person, it would be quite serious. In a woman of 73, the chance of ever walking again were remote.

My belief is that the body can heal from ANYTHING if we give it what it requires to come to balance and we have the BELIEF that we can heal. I chose to utilize many supplements that support healthy bones, and made certain that my body was offered minerals and vitamins as absorption can occur only when the mineral balance is present. Therefore, I immediately increased the amount of what I consider the “cornerstone of health”, NINGXIA RED.

Organic Sulfur is in every cell of the body and is required for healthy bones, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and all connective tissue. I increased the amount of SULFURZYME I was taking previously. OMEGAGIZE contains omega 3 and 6 along with co-Q-10, vitamin D3, and frankincense. This amazing combination is helpful for maintaining hormone balance as well as cardiovascular health. The hormones literally keep everything in the body balanced and are involved in every function, and the circulation must be good in order to carry the nutrients to where they are required. ALKALIME is helpful in maintaining a healthy alkaline terrain. Acidic bodies are very friendly environments for bacteria. IT was important that my body be strong so it did not have to spend time and energy battling illness and disease.

Immediately after the injury, we began layering LAVENDER and HELICHRYSUM with the intent that there would be little swelling or bruising. I have carried lavender with me for years as it is “never wrong to use lavender”. We also applied STRESS AWAY as stress magnifies pain of all kinds. (I didn’t require any magnification of my pain!)

Although surgery and cast (and hospitalization) were recommended after the x-rays and CT scan, I chose to go home where I remained for weeks as there are far too many steps for anyone to get me out. In fact the amazing Balinese people built a walkway with ramps from my back door through the garden and to the road so they could roll me on the wheel chair to a different hospital for the MRI about 6 weeks after the injury. The MRI indicated that the bones were already mending, although the badly dislocated knee was far from strong enough to walk since the tendons and ligaments had been torn.

The healing process was supported by layering the oils of RAINDROP TECHNIQUE directly on the entire leg several times a day from the very beginning. COPAIBA and HELICHRYSUM, and LEMONGRASS were added to the other oils. In between the Raindrop oils, I layered BELIEVE, COPAIBA, PAN AWAY and DEEP RELIEF often – sometimes as often as every 20-30 minutes as the inflammation was minimized when these oils were used often.

My food was and is the highest quality prepared from our organic garden by Doddy, our amazing Chef at Fuller Life Bali.  In addition, I had daily massage and energy work from our talented staff – the most amazing support that anyone could possibly have. Everything all worked together. Despite the predictions, I am walking with only a slight limp, and there is little pain now. (It is the foot rather than the shattered tibia and knee that is holding me back.) I am grateful for all the support, and confident that this will all be a dim memory soon.