Many of you know that Gary Young has talked about the amazing energy of the Blue Lotus and that he had searched the world for the rare flower. Well, we actually have this amazing flower in Singapore and Bali – and Fuller Life Bali has been gifted with some of these plants for our lotus ponds which feature white, pale pink, bright pink, dark reddish pink, golden yellow . . . and very soon pale bluish purple and BLUE!!! We are very excited and look forward to all our flowers living together in perfect harmony.

The following was sent to me, and I and choosing to share it.
(Many thanks to Jimmy Ong)

Most Lotus plants & flowers are considered as a symbolic way of leading a Spiritual Path. Untouched by the dirty muddy environment in which the beautiful Lotus flower flourishes is like living an enlightened way of life, rising above, untouched by all the rough & tough happenings on our planet earth!

This can be a symbolic gesture, representing what you have gone through in your life too!