Response to questions and other tidbits . . .

WHY are dairy products “Poison #3”?
Not only are the enzymes necessary for humans to digest them rendered inactive by the heat used in pasteurization, milk contains many hormone disruptors especially for women. This happens due to the hormones giver to the cows to grow faster and to produce more milk sooner. (Cows eat about 40kg grass daily – and poop 40kg!)

What do these hormone disruptors from milk, cheese, and other milk products negatively affect first in a female body?

The reproductive organs!

The milk and milk products from cows that have been given hormones, can cause POLYCYSTIC OVARIES and HAIRY-like substance to grow on the ovaries. Outward symptoms may be facial hair and thinning of the hair, especially on the front of the head.

Sooooo . . . how can women get appropriate levels of calcium?

Actually, milk is NOT a particularly good source of calcium for humans. A far better source of calcium is GREEN VEGETABLES. Green vegetables can be a super great way to get calcium that is easily absorbed AND to ALKALIZE the body. Green smoothie, anyone???