There was a question about CLARY SAGE and PROGESSENCE PHYTO PLUS (PPP). This is my response . . .

Clary sage is a PLANT.  This plant encourages the human body to make more human estrogen.  Clary Sage is NOT a hormone. It does not contain estrogen.

PPP contains progesterone, a hormone, and is derived completely from PLANTS.  Most products containing progesterone contain synthetic progesterone which can disrupt the natural balance in the body causing many side effects.  That is what prompts the warning on the label even though Young Living’s PPP does not contain anything synthetic.

Progesterone is a hormone that can function as a balancer when there is too much estrogen in the body.  Because we are all exposed to huge amounts of xenoestrogens from the chemicals in the environment and synthetic estrogens from products and medicines, many women are considered “estrogen dominant” even when their level of human estrogen may be quite low. In these cases, clary sage may prove to be quite helpful.

Note: Clary Sage has ALSO been reported to be helpful for men whose testosterone levels are low. Isn’t it interesting that the same essential oil can be supportive of both the female and male hormones?  

(Another essential oil that many men find helpful in supporting testosterone levels is IDAHO BLUE SPRUCE.)