Morning sickness usually occurs when there are major swings in the hormones – as is common in early pregnancy. PD80-20 is pregnenolone, a precursor for ALL the hormones.

What is a precursor?

A precursor is something that supports the body in having whatever is required to produce ANY type of substance. The body still has to make the substance. However, it has whatever it requires to make it. I like to think of a precursor as going to the supermarket and purchasing all the ingredients required for a recipe. It does not mean that you will choose to make the recipe. It does not mean that the recipe will ever be made. It does mean that IF you decide to make the recipe, you will have whatever is required.

Increasing protein in the diet could be helpful for those who experience nausea.

One woman reported that it was actually her prenatal vitamins that caused the conditions in her body to bring about serious “all day sickness”. When she stopped taking the prenatal vitamins, her doctor agreed that NingXia Red + Omegagize + Balance Complete would provide the proper nutrition – and she had no more “all day sickness”.

Magnesium deficiency is a definite possibility that could cause morning sickness.

(and a lot of other symptoms, including brain fog).   Master Formula + NingXia Red could be quite supportive in raising the levels of magnesium. The addition of Mineral Essence would also be quite powerful.