These observations are purely my own and NOT based upon research.  I have personally had a LOT of dental work, and my gums were very unhealthy most of my life.  They are now in good condition, but they require consistent daily attention from me.

What about removing amalgam fillings?

If one is to have the amalgam fillings removed, it is important to go to a dentist who has the proper equipment to remove it WITHOUT ALLOWING THE MERCURY TO BE SWALLOWED.  (It is my understanding that dentists who are not aware, could actually make matters worse.)

I had my mercury fillings removed when I lived in Florida in 2000, and I have a mouthful of dental crowns. However, the material for crowns can be just as toxic to the body as mercury.  I selected porcelain – and the molars do break and have to be replaced.  Finally, we decided to make the back ones gold – the highest carat possible to still have some strength.  This means that they do have some other metal in them – and those gums are NOT as happy as the gums of the other porcelain crowns.

How about root canals?

I have had only ONE root canal, and that tooth is the FIRST one that “notifies me” when there is inflammation.

A dentist told me a few years ago that WHENEVER there is dental work, it creates stress on the tooth and in that portion of the body and will be the place where inflammation and infection first appear.  I have definitely found that to be the case.  (My mouth is my “barometer” that alerts me to potential challenges.)

How do I keep my gums keep my gums “healthy”?




Whenever I eat SUGAR or DAIRY, my gums swell and become infected as infection is invited into the body when the body is acidic.

Alkalizing is a constant vigil for me!




STRESS is a huge factor for acidity.

    • NINGXIA RED (180ml daily) supports all systems of the body



I put one drop on toothbrush morning and night along with the toothpaste.


At the first sign of any pain, swelling or bleeding of gums, I begin taking the capsules.   The pain usually stops it within 24 hours.  However, I continue INNER DEFENSE for at least 3 days after all pain or swelling is gone.

Note: The gelcapscan be opened and the contents swallowed – but the essential oils are VERY SPICY!!!

  • Tiny brushes that go between the teeth will remove any food particles that may be there.  I often also dip the tiny brushes into THIEVES blend repeatedly any use them between the affected teeth.  (Note: this can cause some bleeding at times even when we are not yet aware that there is a potential challenge in the area.)