Diffusers, Diffusers . . . which one is best???

I sometimes think of myself as the “Diffuser Queen” as I have at least one of every diffuser Young Living has made in the past 18 years!  What it comes down to is personal preference.  There are basically two types, the nebulizer type that does not require water, and the sonic type that requires water.

I spent a lot of time in bed over the past year, and I have become pretty lazy . . . The nebulizer type requires less effort on my part, so AROMALUX is my favorite.  As a nebulizer type diffuser, it requires no special cleaning or preparation.  Changing oils is as quick as unscrewing the bottle and replacing it with another.

Tip: You may choose to wipe off the “straw” with a clean tissue – and then place the tissue in a drawer or cabinet to fragrance that area.)

The Aromalux diffuser can be set for both time on and off and for the volume of oil dispersed into the air.