I found myself thinking and answering several questions about Rainbow Healing System this week.  Therefore, I will take this opportunity to talk about two of the concepts inherent in it, grounding, connection to Source, and boundaries.

We all come into contact with things which may cause us to instantly feel “less good” – tired or sad or even sick.  This is likely because we allow the energies of others to affect us, either taking from us or dumping on us.  While we go out feeling great, we often come back feeling not-so-good.

What can we do?

We must establish boundaries. 

The first step is to ground.

I like to do this by focusing upon the connection with the Creator which I call the Source.  I love to apply a blend such as SACRED MOUNTAIN, GROUNDING, or INSPIRATION while I focus upon my Crown Chakra at the top of my head.  I INTEND to connect fully with the Source through the Crown Chakra, allowing that connection to become stronger and stronger with every breath that I take.  Next, focus upon making connections from the bottoms of each foot and the base of the spine that extend all the way through the very core of Earth and to the Source below to ensure that you are securely connected above and below to the Source and firmly anchored to the planet upon which we live.


Create your Sacred Space 

INTEND to have an energetic cylinder around you that extends all the way up to the Source and down through the core of Earth to the Source below.  INTEND that there be a shield encircling your Sacred Space so that if anything harmful is directed towards you, it will be reflected back to the sender rather than penetrating your Sacred Space or being deflected off to harm another.

Apply RELEASE blend while INTENDING that everything inside the cylinder that is not supportive be released.  You may choose to also apply SACRED FRANKINCENSE to assist in allowing the release to take place.

Apply HARMONY blend while INTENDING that everything be in perfect harmony and balance.

Note:  Remember to mentally go through these steps several times a day – whenever you have a moment waiting in a queue or if you feel tired or off balance.  Keeping your own energy field intact may be the most important things you do.  Unfortunately, it is not something that can be done “once in a while”.  It is constantly changing and requires check-ups.  When our own energy field is intact, we are powerful and can have a positive effect upon others as well.  When we allow our energy to become saturated with energies that are not compatible with our fields, then we are weak and may even become sick.

May you experience a powerful week of transformation,