“Will I become addicted  to the oils if I use them every day?” 

My answer is this . . .  

I have been using the oils every single day since 1999.   My body is physically stronger than it has ever been, and I feel more balanced emotionally than ever.  While I use the oils every day, I am not “dependent” upon them if I should skip a day – and I do use different oils as I sense that particular ones could be more helpful (or if I just think about using different ones) . . . For instance, I may layer the oils of RAINDROP TECHNIQUE on the bottoms of my feet once a week regularly to support healthy immune function, and every day when I feel that I am not getting enough rest or that I am not eating particularly healthy foods.

Similarly, I usually use two essential oils in my ART SKIN CARE every day, but it is not the same two every day morning and evening.  If I am on long flights, I don’t even wash my face for the 24-48 hours I am traveling, and there is no real “problem” as there would be if there were an “addiction” or “dependence”.

Perhaps a better way of thinking about using them daily is that I ENJOY using them and know that they will never create an imbalance.  They will either improve things, or there will have little effect.  Either way, they will not create challenges for me . . . “