“When I first started using a particular oil, I really felt a difference. Why does it lose its effectiveness?” 

My answer . . .  

“Essential oils work with the body to maintain balance.  Each oil has hundreds of compounds, and the body selects the exact once that it needs at that particular moment.  One day, it could select many of the compounds in a particular oils, and another day there may be only a few that the body selects.  Therefore, you may not feel as much difference on some days.  HOWEVER, if you layer several oils – or use different oils – you may find that your body selects even more compounds from the different oils, allowing you to “feel the results” more. “

Does this make sense?” 

When Gary Young was in Asia, he told us that he is often asked, “How do I use the oils?”  He answered, “USE THEM!  Open the box, take out a bottle, open the top, drop 1-3 drops of oil into your palm, rub your palms together, and inhale them!” 

What he is really saying is that we don’t have to know a lot about the oils to use them effectively . . . we just have to USE them . . . and to understand that a LITTLE used frequently is far more effective than a lot used at any one time.