Oils that have been shown to support men in strengthening their masculinity are IDAHO BLUE SPRUCE and SHUTRAN. Shutran is a blend that has Idaho Blue Spruce as a major single oil.

(There are other oils that may be supportive as well – these are just two of the many options.)  

What is Sclaressence and why would I choose to use it?

SCLARESSENCE was created for Gary Young’s wife to support her body in bringing her hormone levels up to the point where she could become pregnant in her 50’s.  It was not formulated for men, but there is nothing that would cause a negative effective upon men.

Is Endoflex for men or women?

ENDOFLEX is a blend that was created as a general support for the Endocrine System with its nine important glands – Hypothalamus, Pineal, Pituitary, Thyroid, Parathyroid, Thymus, Pancreas, Adrenals, and Ovaries or Testes.

The most important single thing that I have found about essential oils and their use is that they are far more effective when a small amount is used often than when a larger amount is used once or twice a day.  I personally love to use oils throughout the day, layering 2 or more every time.  I always apply oils topically on the body and then cup hands over my nose, inhaling deeply several times.  This not only is supportive physically, but also is quite relaxing mentally and emotionally.  (Isn’t that a lovely thing to do for your body every couple of hours?)

I hope this will assist you in finding the best answers for your own body.