I received a message regarding skin reaction to essential oils.. 

Message :  
Dear Frances, I have been using my essential oils for a few months and it was working really well, until I started using thyme and oregano. I first applied V6, followed by thyme, lemon, thieves, oregano, lavender, and peppermint. After two days, my hands developed a lot of incredibly itchy blisters that looked like eczema. I was told that my body was having a detox reaction and to stop using the oils. For the time being, I have been using eczema creams and steroids from the pharmacist because I couldn’t stand the itchiness. Two days ago, I was demonstrating the Raindrop Technique to my member, and the blisters started to appear again.

Previously I could use essential oils neat without having any problems . Since the blisters started, I haven’t been able to touch it. What would you advise? Thank you. 

My reply:

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for writing to me about your skin issue.  This does happen occasionally due to the fact that the Young Living essential oils support the body in detoxifying.

There are four main ways for toxins to exit from the body – through the urine, feces, saliva, and sweat.  When we use the oils, our bodies begin to eliminate the things that are not healthy.  As long as we drink plenty of additional water and do not continue adding more toxins, the body is able to get rid of the toxins.  Most of the time this occurs without our taking much notice.  However, when there are additional stressors on the body – emotional or physical stress – we may notice other symptoms.  These can range from headaches, giddiness, bowel changes, skin rashes to other symptoms.

Several of the oils used in Raindrop Technique are considered “hot oils” as they can cause skin sensitivity.  They are also excellent for initiating release of toxins.  OREGANO and THYME are two of the “hottest” oils of all as far as the potential for creating skin sensitivity.  They also clean off the receptor sites of the cells so they can take in nutrients and release toxins.

If we have been using Young Living essential oils for a while and suddenly begin to have skin issues, it is normal to think that there is some kind of “allergy”.  However, it may be important to examiner what else is going on in our bodies and in our lives.

  • Have I been under additional emotional stress?
  • Have I been eating SUGAR?
  • Have I been drinking minimum 2 liters water daily?
  • Have I been getting enough rest?
  • Have I been exposed to additional environmental toxins such as pesticides?
  • Have I been taking any synthetic medicines?

If we have a skin reaction, increasing the water intake by an additional litre and cleansing the bowel will often clear it rapidly.  Applying more essential oils directly on an inflamed rash may make the situation worse as it will increase the rapid detoxification.

Note:  Oils that are gentle and soothing to the skin can often decrease the irritation when applied on other parts of the body – not directly on the rash.  (Lavender, Frankincense, Sacred Frankincense, and Myrrh are examples of gentle oils – and there are many others.)

When we use a steroid cream that contains synthetic ingredients, it will mask the symptoms.  However, it will not eliminate the cause of the rash.  In fact, the symptoms often return worse than before.  (The steroids add additional toxins that the body must eliminate in some manner.)

So what are we to do once the irritation is there?

Do not use the oils over the rash until the area is healthy.

  • Some have found that LAVENDER LIP BALM can soothe the skin in the affected area
  • Many find that drinking additional water and cleansing the colon are sufficient and that they feel far better than previously
  • STRESS AWAY applied on other part of the body