I posted a short video about how foods may work differently in your body depending upon the time of day – and when you eat in relation to your meals. Someone requested more information on this subject. There is much information available AND a lot of it is contradictory. Whenever I am faced with information that does not fit together, I go back to basic reasoning and to principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

With regard to “basic reasoning”, I would offer the following . . .

Eat PROTEIN in the morning
The body requires “fuel” to perform at peak levels. Carbohydrates may cause your blood sugar to rise, giving you short-term energy. However, to “last until lunch” without a drop in blood sugar, one should consume protein. (Do you have coffee and something sweet at breakfast and then rush out for another sweet treat at mid-morning???)

Fruit digests in as little as 30-45 minutes. Protein takes 4-12 hours. When protein is consumed first with fruit as a desert, the fruit “gets caught behind the protein” in the digestive tract and ferments. This can cause bloating and gas.
(I used to think I was being “heathy” by choosing fruit for dessert. I would likely have had the same result if I had consumed sugar!)

Eat mostly vegetables at night
Vegetables digest rapidly so your body can do what it needs to do at night: REGENERATE and REPAIR.

Eat a COLORFUL diet
By selecting a diet filled with a rainbow of colours (I love rainbows!), we automatically give the body a wide variety of vitamins and minerals without having to memorize charts. (Those who know me are aware that I prefer to learn a few basic facts and figure out the rest rather than to memorize a multitude of facts.