The following experience may mirror something that you have had if you have had a computerized scan of oils and supplements that may be helpful for your body.  Many of these simple scans are designed to select the fewest number of products that have the greatest potential to support the body.  We often “forget” that essential oils are made to work with the body I bringing it to balance on all levels.  They are NOT made to treat symptoms.  Therefore, many times something that seems to be most appropriate for one thing may be THE best possible thing for something entirely different.

Thank you, Cindy Feyereisen, for sharing your experience – AND for the great tip about yet another use for Cel-Lite Massage Oil!

I’d like to share a ‘tidbit’ about using Cel-Lite Massage Oil after swimming or showering.  A few years ago, a fellow friend asked several of us at a get-together why would her pre-teen child be scanning for Cel-Lite Massage Oil?  After a few Q&A’s, we learned that her child was on a swim team and regularly trained in indoor pools. I shared, that I too regularly scan for Cel-Lite, and that I was an active swimmer at the time. We determined that it’s because of its detoxing abilities that it registered. Also, I vaguely remember hearing through a past ‘grapevine’ that Olympic swimmers use it too.

Note from Frances: Cel-Lite Massage Oil is moisturizing for the body.  It also contains several citrus oils as well as juniper – all of which are helpful in the detoxification process.  Internally, citrus has the effect of supporting the body in becoming less acidic.  Topically, citrus has the effect of lowering the pH of the skin.  Healthy skin requires a more acidic terrain.