Another thing that has come up many times concerns HYPERACIDITY.  As anyone who has ever been to one of my classes or read anything I have written knows, I talk about this “all the time”.  WHY do I do that, you may wonder . . .

I will attempt to explain what happens in the body when the acid-alkaline balance is tipped towards the acidic side.

  • An acidic body is very inviting for all bacteria, viruses, and candida (fungus) to multiply rapidly.
  • Bacteria, viruses, and candida multiply, they generate their own toxins for the body to have to deal with.  In other words, the body has even more toxins to eliminate.

There are MANY things that contribute to acidity in the body.  However, I find that the biggest ones are SUGAR, CAFFEINE, DAIRY PRODUCTS, and STRESS.    

SUGAR may be the greatest one of all as it metabolizes rapidly and causes us to crave even more sugar.  Scientists have said for years that CANCER cells thrive on sugar.  Unfortunately, EVERY processed food contains processed sugar in some form.

NOTE:  it may be disguised on the ingredients label, but it is there for sure!

Let’s look at DAIRY PRODUCTS . . .

(Dairy products include ANYTHING that comes from a COW – milk, cheese, yogurt)

The human body lacks the enzymes necessary to digest cow’s milk whether it is “organic” or not.  If the milk is raw, there are still some enzymes that can assist.  However, when the dairy product is pasteurized, then all the enzymes are killed.

Ok . . . so that is not enough to convince you . . . How about this?


This mucous collects in the stomach, intestines, joints, respiratory tract – EVERYWHERE.  It WEAKENS THE IMMUNE FUNCTION, causing inflammation which creates a wonderful environment for bacteria, virus and candida.  This mucous coats every cell in the body, clogging the receptor sites of the cells.  When the receptor sites are coated with mucous, they cannot take in nutrients and cannot eliminate toxins, co the cells become less healthy.

Do you see the progression?  We become less and less healthy, and often we don’t even realize it because it is gradual, and we don’t pay attention.  Then all of a sudden, we have symptoms that we cannot ignore – and we think we have been “suddenly stricken” with something when it was there all along.

Fortunately, we do have essential oils and supplements that can support us in cleaning off the receptor sites and in balancing the acidity of the body.  However we must also do our part by eliminating the things that are so very damaging to our very cellular structure.

Does that make sense?

I often speak of layering the oils of RAINDROP TECHNIQUE.  Did you ever wonder why? They are an amazing collection of molecules that work together as we layer them on the feet or spine.

  • OREGANO and THYME have the ability to clean off the receptor sites so the cells can more easily take in nutrients and eliminate toxins.  That is why these are the FIRST two single oils used in Raindrop Technique.  After that, the order of oils may not be as important, but these should be used first.

A wonderful property of pure essential oils is that they can penetrate into the skin and also enter the body through the nostrils (hence the name “aromatherapy”).  As we use these oils topically and inhale them, we can truly support the entire body in dealing with the constant barrage of toxins that it encounters daily.

Some things we have no control over, such as the environmental toxins that we breathe in.
We DO have control over what we EAT.

Would you agree?

Now you all know why I talk about the “Three Poisons” and “Stress”.
(I personally need the reminders as well!)