• 1 cup water
  • 10ml (2 Tablespoons) apple cider vinegar OR the “acid water” from your water alkalizer
  • 10 drops essential oils

Mix and put into glass or BPA free plastic bottles
Makes about 20 applications
This can be sprayed onto hair or massaged into hair
Leave on 5 minutes and then rinse off

Note:  I just use a tiny bit on towel dried hair and leave on hair

Oils that may be good choices for different hair types . . .

  • Lavender for additional volume and growth
  • Cedarwood for encouraging hair growth
  • Ylang Ylang for extra shine
  • Rosemary for fragile hair that easily breaks
  • Sandalwood or Geranium for dry hair

OR . . .

Try YOUR favorite single oil and let us know how you like it!