Someone wrote to enquire about this, and this was my response . . .  

Have you eliminated SUGAR in all forms other than whole fruit (not juice)? When the body is acidic, candida multiply wildly and interrupt sleep with their “orgies”.

Do you have difficulty falling asleep or awakening during the night?  If your brain is racing, MARJORAM applied over the brain stem and temples can be helpful.

Have you tried layering several different oils?
I personally find this combination helpful:

  • OCOTEA 1 hour before bedtime
  • CEDARWOOD massaged into scalp at bedtime and inhaled by cupping hands over nose and inhaling deeply 6-8 times.
  • BALSAM FIR or NORTHERN LIGHTS BLACK SPRUCE over heart and inhaled
  • SACRED FRANKINCENSE in palm and inhaled
  • ALKALIME at bedtime