There is a lot of information on the internet.  Some of it may be misleading.  It is up to each of us to educate ourselves so we can make intelligent decisions about the most appropriate things for our own bodies and those of our children and families.

Note: The decisions that you make may or may not be the most appropriate ones for another person.    

There is an article that states that “essential oils can poison children”.  There are no specific references or cases mentioned where this has happened.  However, there are hundreds of thousands of cases where children (and adults) have been poisoned by TOOTHPASTES, MOUTHWASHES, TYLENOL, ANTIBIOTICS, VACCINES, and so on.  These ARE documented as are the poisonings that occur daily from FLUORIDE and ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION.

As I stated above, we each must educate ourselves and make the best choices we can.  My personal choice is to use many essential oils for myself, my family, my pets, and others about whom I care.  I believe that pure 100% plant-based essential oils have the potential to neutralize some of the environmental poisons that we cannot avoid – poisons that are in our food and water.  I have been using the Young Living essential oils and oil-infused products since 1999 and have never witnessed a single “poisoning” due to their use.

Frances Fuller