There was a question about children who have delicate skin and who love to swim in chlorinated pools.  Here is my response . . .   

You might consider having your child shower immediately after swimming, using the Young Living soap or Young Living body lotion.  (The Kidscents range is quite nice – even for adults.)  As long as he has an ALKALISING DIET (eliminate SUGAR, CAFFEINE, DAIRY PRODUCTS) and they drink plenty of WATER as well as supporting his body with the Young Living essential oils, they may be fine.  Swimming has so many positive effects upon the body that it may be a key to find the balance of supporting the body with truly healthy food and products and the chlorine in the pool.

NOTE:  Be sure to wash the clothes in THIEVES LAUNDRY SOAP or THIEVES HOUSEHOLD CLEANER rather than a commercial detergent – and avoid all fabric softener on his sheets, towels, clothes, etc.

An allergist explained to me many years ago that each of us has an “allergy threshold’.  As long as the toxins remain below this level, we do not experience symptoms.  However, when we exceed the level, then we have symptoms.  While each of us is unique, the idea is that ALL of the toxins to which the body is exposed are likely involved as it is the SUM of all the toxins rather than any one particular one.  Therefore, it is important to minimize the things we can control so that the body can better handle the things we cannot control.

Does this make sense?