There is much general information available on the internet.  Some of it may be applicable and some may not be applicable.  Young Living essential oils are quite different from those that are sold commercially.  There are no synthetic ingredients added to the Young Living essential oils or products.  In addition, the oils themselves are distilled from carefully grown plants that have been nurtured, harvested at the prime time, distilled under careful supervision of the Company.

Many people have used most of the Young Living essential oils on their children with no adverse effects.  However, it remains YOUR decision about what YOU do for YOUR children and YOUR body.  If you feel uncomfortable about using the oils, then please do not use them.  Many of the oils mentioned often are not even available as single oils from Young Living.  You might consider this as well: when oils are used in blends, they change at the molecular level as they chemically interact with the other essential oils in the blend.  The molecules that could potentially create an issue may be totally neutralised.

One mother wrote to me that she had been using the Young Living essential oils on her children for the past 4+ years.  Now she sees “warnings” and wants to know if they are safe for her children.  Certainly, if she used the oils for over 4 years with no adverse effects, there is no reason to believe that there will be one now.  Would you agree?

Once again, I suggest that you do your own research and then make your decision.