Many have requested information about cleansing . . . Certainly there are MANY wonderful options.  (I do not claim to be an “authority” on cleansing, for sure!  In fact, I consult Anita Cheung, in Hong Kong when I need information or consultation as she is far more qualified. )

For many years I have been utilizing the Salt Flush that Stanley Burroughs introduced in the mid-1950’s.  I have found that most people who BEGIN with hydration and THEN use the Salt Flush have benefitted in some way, although at first I was hesitant to mention it to others due to the high salt intake.  However, after a cell biologist and a medical doctor both confirmed years ago that the salt does NOT go through the kidneys when the flush is performed as directed – on a totally empty stomach – I feel more comfortable sharing it with others.

Note: This means it MUST be done first thing in the morning!  

They confirmed that the salt water flushes through the stomach and intestines without even entering the kidneys.  (It exits the body through the rectum and not through the bladder.)

It IS important to use MINERAL SALT that is UNBLEACHED and UNTREATED rather than ordinary “table salt” which contains additives.  We have become a “society of additives” rather than relying upon truly natural substances.  Compounds that are created in the laboratory are definitely NOT the same thing as compounds actually in natural substances.


Salt Flush  
(as used by Frances Fuller)

Begin hydrating body by drinking 1 full glass of water (250ml) with 5 drops lemon immediately upon awakening – before putting ANYTHING else into your mouth.

When you can comfortably do that, increase to TWO glasses (500ml) with 5 drops lemon

When you can do that, increase to THREE glasses (750ml)

NOW you are ready to do the full flush – 1 liter water with minimum 5 drops LEMON + 1 TBSP Himalayan salt or sea salt (NOT TABLE SALT!!!)
(Note:  juice of 2 lemons can be substituted if desired.)

Make certain that you have MINIMUM 2-3 hours before you must leave your home and that you have direct access to the toilet as you will have several bowel movements.  The first will be fairly normal. The next 2-3 will be the rest of the salt water running through the colon.  (It does NOT go to the kidneys)

Great results have been seen when one does this 2-3 days in a row and then 1-3 times a week.

Continue drinking 1 liter water with LEMON essential oil (or juice of 2 lemons) EVERY MORNING first thing, to maintain healthier colon function.