There was a question about itchy scalp and skin blemishes . . .

Itchy scalp and facial breakouts could be caused by one or a combination of things. Certainly, hormones can be involved with a 15-year-old male. Diet and personal care products are other potential factors.

The skin is a reflection of what is going on inside the body. This is true whether it is the scalp, face, or the rest of the body. The personal care products we use greatly affect the entire body including hormonal balance. ALL synthetic chemicals are considered hormone-disrupters by many. The Young Living shampoos, conditioners, soaps, shower gels, and lotions are from plants and will not cause the same challenges as other products that contain chemicals. I have seen many positive changes with the Young Living shampoos and other personal care products.

Note: Ingredients (and products) can be called “natural” if the molecules CAN exist in Nature even if the compounds in the product are made in a laboratory. Therefore, the word “natural” is fairly meaningless on a label.

When there is a skin or hair challenge, the body is most likely too acidic. (This is also true when one has poor immune function.) There are many things that cause hyperacidity.


Certainly, many essential oils can support the body in managing stress. One of my favorites is STRESS AWAY. This blend also has the effect of reducing sugar cravings for many people. Other essential oils that are generally relaxing include LAVENDER. CEDARWOOD, IDAHO BALSAM FIR, IDAHO BLUE SPRUCE, SACRED FRANKINCENSE (and Frankincense), ROMAN CHAMOMILE.

An additional factor that is often associated with skin issues is constipation. The body’s main exit route for toxins is through the colon. If the colon is congested, the toxins will likely exit through the skin. Increasing the amount of water to minimum 2 litres daily is an excellent first step. CITRUS oils have a detoxifying effect on the colon and lymphatic system.

This is very general information and can be a start in paying attention and bringing the whole body into balance.