This is a question I received recently and felt many could benefit from the answer. 

For the past 4-5 months I have been applying RC on the chest n Thieves on the sole of the feet for my grandson.  I find that by applying the oils even when he gets symptoms, they leave quickly.  

  • Can I continue applying these oils for maintenance? 
  • Will our bodies get immune so they are not effective anymore? 

Your questions are excellent ones!
I am so happy to learn that your grandson is enjoying better wellness now.

Since essential oils are plants, it is fine to continue using them.  The body does not “become immune” to them.  Rather it becomes more balanced overall.  When we apply oils, the body selects the exact molecules that it needs and eliminates the remaining ones.  Therefore, they do not build up in the body.

Please note that sometimes one can have the same symptoms and different causes of the imbalance that produces the symptoms.  If one oil does not appear to be improving the situation, you might consider using another oil that has different chemistry to give the body some “new molecules” to from which to select.