There have been questions about ways to support the cardiovascular system.  We cannot make recommendations for medical conditions.  However, we can assist you in understanding what is going on in the body and how to apply essential oils in general.

When the circulation is sluggish, everything in the body slows down.  The cells receive less oxygen, the toxins are not moved out of the body as easily.

How can we improve general circulation?


Note: Vigorous exercise may NOT be indicated – use discretion

Ningxia Red could be an excellent choice as it supports ALL systems of the body.  Remember the importance of DILUTING it with equal parts of water – or more – as it is concentrated.  Beginning with a small amount, divided into 3 or 4 servings, may be more helpful than drinking a lot at one time.

Most of us are far too acidic, and this can create many challenges for the body.  Acidic blood becomes thick and “sticky”.  The platelets clump together and require more pressure to move the thicker blood through the tiny arteries and veins.

Whenever there are blocks in the arteries, it is almost certain that the body is extremely acidic.  This means there some changes in the diet could be helpful.

Many foods can cause hyperacidity.  The three BIG things I have found are . . .

  1. SUGAR in any form – I call it “Poison #1”
  2. CAFFEINE – “Poison #2”
  3. DAIRY PRODUCTS (milk, cheese) – “Poison #3”
  4. The fourth big factor is . . . STRESS

Fortunately, many of the essential oils can support us in managing our stress levels.  We just need to apply them often and breathe them in.

Isn’t that simple?

Think about the names of the blends.  (My favorite is STRESS AWAY, and I use it many times every day.  Sometimes I use it every 20-30 minutes).  However, isn’t it wonderful that we are not limited to “just one single oil or blend”?  We have MANY options.

What are YOUR favorites?

The blend AROMA LIFE was created to support healthy cardiovascular function (circulatory system).  I always love applying the oils over my heart and then cupping my hands over my nose and taking 6-8 deep breaths.  This can also be repeated as often as desired.

Whenever there are blocks anywhere in the body, the colon is probably congested.  It is important to drink more water – at least 2 liters daily.  Some find that adding LEMON essential oil topically, inhaled, and possibly even in the water can help.

I hope this information will give you some ideas and get your brain activated to think about what is really happening rather than just the symptoms of a condition that has formed over time.

The question was about blockages in the arteries near the heart.  Certainly, blood clots can be considered blocks although they may be in the veins as well as the arteries.  The principle is still the same – the blood is thicker than normal.  Some has coagulated in pools and famed what are referred to as clots.

The biggest danger is in the clot moving from a larger blood vessel to one that supplies a major organ.  Therefore, exercise would not necessarily be the best choice.  (Breathing may still be helpful.)

  • Marjoram
  • Ylang Ylang

I hope that this will assist you in making appropriate selections of the oils and applications to use.