There was a concern about whether Muslims can use the Young Living essential oils and products. .

ALL of the essential oils from Young Living are 100% PLANTS.  In every living thing, there are many molecules.  These can be call “chemical constituents”.  The compounds that appear most often in the plant may be listed on some of the bottles in some countries as required by law.  One of the classifications of chemical components is “alcohols”.  This is NOT “alcohol” as in what we normally think of as beverages.  Instead, it is merely a chemical category.  Esters and phenols are two more categories.  MANY Muslims use the Young Living essential oils.

SOME of the supplements MAY not be suitable as they “could contain porcine or bovine in the capsules”.  INNER DEFENSE is one of these. because the essential oils would dissolve a vegetarian capsule within minutes. The capsule must contain animal gelatin. Because it is such an important supplement, some Muslims open the capsules and use the contents either topically or swallowed.

Note:  OMEGAGIZE is fish oil, and the capsule is made from fish oil.  Although it is not vegetarian, it contains no porcine or bovine ingredients.  The other capsules are totally VEGAN.

I hope this will calm your concerns so you can enjoy you amazing Young Living essential oils and products.